Sunday, June 5, 2011

3G/WIFi Data Offload Resources

With the surge in popularity of tablet devices, smartphones and the mobile web, it seems that the topic of how to cope with the increasing demand of data transfer over cellular networks is becoming one of the hottest topic in the industry today. Some of them view the operators should not bear the full cost of transporting low-revenue-per-bit traffic on expensive mobile networks due to the scarcity of spectrum and the importance to carry voice traffic.

After the recent Report from Cisco, it proves that the telcos are really in need of a solution to offload their spectrum. In some places, the incumbent hotspot/hotzone WiFi providers would like to seize the opportunities and partner with the mobile telcos.

Jeff Thompson, CEO of Towerstream said:
"Without effectively taking advantage of alternative technologies, handling this data on current networks is like fighting a tsunami with an umbrella"
Here's some Net resources regarding this topic:

  1. WiFi Data Offload's Blog

  2. Qualcomm's 3G/WiFi Seamless Offload (PDF File)

  3. New Ways of Thinking in Wireless (Jeff Thompson CEO wrote in his Blog)

  4. So Much Demand So Little Time (Slides)

  5. 4G with WiFi - Changing the Wireless Game

  6. Elitecore’s 3G/4G - WiFi Offload

  7. Mobile Data Offload - Can WiFI Deliver? (PDF File)



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