Tuesday, June 21, 2011

iCloud Pushes the Cloud Phone Concept Even Further

Steve's idea of having iCloud that will connect to virtually iPhone, iPad and Macbook seamlessly pushes the idea of Cloud Phone further.

Apple's ability to control the OS makes it possible to have ALL-APPLE ecosystem as the "Centre of the Universe". Of course you can have the features of the Cloud but Apple does it better. Most people think the cloud is just a bunch of computers with CPU, Memory and Storage. But the tend to forget, if you are under the Cloud, all things are possible. Apple play in the application game and they are good at it.

Imagine now, you can still stop working and continue your work with any device (iPhone, iPad or Mac) at the exact point where you stop.

Of course, there are certain privacy or confidential issues that you need to ensure will not get you into an embarrassing moment or get into trouble.



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