Tuesday, December 25, 2012

IoT - In Search of the Killer Applications.

Do you think applications below will be able to spur the growth of IoT Apps? Will these be the killer apps people are waiting for?

  • Product packing will talk to supply chains, which will talk to manufacturers, which will talk to suppliers to optimize production.
  • Cars will talk to other cars, which will talk to streets, which will talk to traffic lights to optimize traffic flow.
  • A pill will talk to your phone, which will talk to your electronic health record, which will talk to your doctor to ensure you have the best health care possible.
Most of the times, people don't know what they really want until someone shows them what it can do. The same goes to IoT apps. Nobody today can really imagine how the apps will look like and whether it can be useful to them or not. The same question when Apple launched its first smartphone using only a single button and no physical keyboard - depending mainly on the touch-sensitive screen. Can you see how it revolutionise the smartphones industry?



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