Friday, June 3, 2011

The New SoLoMo Generation - Social, Location and Mobile

Just came across my friend’s Tweet regarding SoLoMo. It gets my interest to know more about what is exactly “SoLoMo”.

I read an article by Dan Weingrod regarding “Is Our Future SoLoMo”.

He wrote:-

“All of these changes herald a rapid shift in communications and culture which John Doerr, of the high tech venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, calls SoLoMo. SOcial for its role in maintaining always-on connections with friends, events and activities, LOcal for its ability to gain relevance from location and real time activity and MObile for its ubiquitous, available and anywhere presence.”

Foursquare is an example of SoLoMo application.

Nowadays, the so called Generation X or Netizens would love to have their lives exposed to the world. They always wanted to socialize and get notifications on the move. Regardless of why the rest cautioned regarding the privacy, people are still revealing their private lives either in FB, Twitter or Foursquare.



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