Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making the Shadow Network A Reality.

The concept of Shadow Network was first conceptualised by Mazlan Abbas and his team from MIMOS in 2011. The idea is to develop an autonomous network that can intelligently form and adapt to its surrounding environment.
To be realistic, networks in the future will be heterogenous. Telcos that operate 2G will still continue to operate their 2G and 3G when they migrated to 4G. They will have problem in managing and operating multiple networks but on the other hand, they can use the lower speed network for something else - such a low speed telemetry kind of services. Not all applications require the blazing speed of 4G LTE.
In the era of Internet of Things, when things communicate, they do not always communicate in big amount of data. Only small packets are collected by other nodes. Thus, various forms of access technologies will still be in existence. The challenge is to make them interoperate.
How do we make the autonomous? In the next post, we will discuss the architectural challenges in developing the Shadow Network. 
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