Saturday, July 6, 2013

Have You Ever Imagine A Day Without Smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets have now become part of our lives whether you like it or not. I used to remember many years ago (probably 10 years ago) when a simple phone have an Internet capability. I imagined that the days of "Always-On Internet", "Information in Your Pocket". But it seems it has reached far beyond the imagination.

People can forgive if they forget to carry their driving license, but most of them will return home to get their smartphones.

How many times have you seen people looking at their phones at restaurant tables? You can have the whole family or group of friends and yet they seems to be very interested on their phones rather than the actual conversation.

What about the times when you are in boring meetings, trainings or seminars - don't you feel "guilty"  when most of the time you keep on exchanging messages, reading emails or browsing the Internet?

Have You Ever Imagine A Day Without Smartphone?

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