Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tips in Social Media - How do we attract the right attention?

Some people thought Social Media is the easiest and the best way to getting the right attention. Yes, its possible but we have to ensure it must be for the good reasons.
Wrong intentions or bad comments or posts can be a very costly mistake. Internet is like one big permanent storage. Unlike your hard disk, you can delete the files anytime you wish. However, in the Internet world, once the news or whatever content posted and spreaded like a virus, there is not stopping them.
The message can reached faster than "lightning", people can instantly shared to their various Social Media sites of their likings - example Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Personal Blogs (Blogger), Keek, LinkedIn and so many others. Thus, the moment it has been stored in someone else storage, there is NO WAY for you to delete them from the Net.
Many times, when people Google a certain keywords or names - you can instantly see the similar contents in different websites. Try that and see whether your photos are on the Net. Most likely if you are someone popular or un-popular, your photos will probably end up on Google and on someone's Social Media sites.
Thus - how do we get the right attention without having a bad reputation? If you are not the one that is responsible for things that you upload, I bet someone else will do that on your "behalf". 
In this era, there is no way for us to stop the Social Media. The only thing that we can control is to behave ourself or probably stay on a different Planet (joke).
I have tested this (to find a way to get cyberspace attention) for the past one month on LinkedIn. I did three things:
1) Connecting and Accepting LinkedIn Requests - I have done this regularly i.e. daily
2) Posts contents with my own status and thoughts about the industry.
3) Replying to comments on my posts and also commented to other people's posts.
As a proof, you can see the sudden surge of traffic by people who viewed my profile. Most probably to know who is this "Mazlan Abbas" that wants to connect with them. The good thing about LinkedIn is that, the website is able to recommend "People You May Know" due to the fact that I always linked to people that are within my area of work.
You can contact Dr. Mazlan Abbas via the below Social Media links:
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