Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cloud Phone Concept

  • It started in year 2007 when Grid Computing was the "buzzword", I have this idea to use the normal consumer phones which utilize the power of grid for high-computation applications. 
  • The article "Building the Grid Computing Eco-System - All Users Can Compute" was never published. It was an internal company presentation but at that time nobody was interested about this concept.
  • Today - when people realized that even smartphones or Tablet PCs can't emulate the full power of computer, the idea of sending the phones to the Cloud came back.
  • The buzzword "Grid Computing" is now changed to "Cloud Computing" and now mobile telcos also embraced the idea of having applications in the Cloud.
  • The 2007 original article (PDF) written on July 8, 2007 can be downloaded HERE or HERE.
  • The era for "Cloud Phones" begins...



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