Era of 5th Screen ... or 6th?SEXPAND
Weirdly, when the speed of mobile increases and also with the introduction of Tablets on the mass market, we now return back to a bigger screen i.e. Tablet. WiFi became faster with the introduction of 802.11n and 802.11ac, thus, makes the TV screen a better display for watching video with family. Furthermore, the current TV is equipped with Internet, OS and Social Media applications such as Youtube, Flickr, Facebook etc. Since viewing contents have become personalised to oneself or family or friends, TV has returned to be one of the favourite screens for our daily life.
But 2013 created a new beginning for the 6th screen - Smart watches! Samsung Gear, Pebble, Sony, Nike have launched their new smart watches which had a very small display. Its great for notifications, capturing your daily activities (walking, cycling, running, sleeping etc), answering phone calls, remote control, etc.

Now...what is your main Screen?
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